Hear the Call of the Aspects

No Empire has withstood the test of time from that of an oppressed people...

We know them only as the Aspects, the great spirits of the land that dwell within the six reaches of the land. From the might mountains, to the frozen north, from the great cliffs to the open plainlands, from the rising shrines of ancient temples to the steaming jungles and forests. The Aspects are the great Celestial spirits, revered as Gods to the people and tribesman who live on the land and use her resources to prosper... and even wage war with one another.

In the coming of the age, the growing strength of an expanding empire, the age has brought with it - new values, new conquests, new admirations to those who seek only to expand their power and bring about their values upon those who wish to have nothing to do with it. The arrival of these red-caped conquestadores has shattered a brotherhood that has long existed for well over thousands of years. From the Al'a'kir, to the Jou'que and even the Nei'Kenya. With the brotherhood shattered, war ravages the land, fires plume to the sky, and the nights are filled with the howling of mothers who have lost their children to the onslaught of carnage that spills blood amungst this sacred land.

Anteria is known as the final resting place for the power of the Gods. And from this realm, life has been given to the six Aspects, all sworn by the Pedestal of Ejayah to maintain balance. When the Aspects came to man, he asked of them their power. The Aspects were clear to note his saddness and offered man site and knowledge, strength and compasion, love and protection, and even beauty. And when man had been given all that he could give, he left, never again to speak to the Aspects that they once revered as Gods and protectors. And with their new abilities, he used them not only to fulfill his lively obligations, but to inflict harm on his enemies, and even the land itself. -Breaking their loyalty to Ejayah, she exiled them from the Haven of Ejayah, and for now and until the end of time, they will remain with the living, guiding them along their path and correcting their wrong doings.

With anger and furious determination, Raekahn, the Aspect of the Tiger prevents mankind from abusing his power, and to those who had abused it, they would become like beasts, no longer to bare a human form.... and when their enemies closed around the cities, weapons in hand, they saw none but beasts, for whose lives would be spared.

But even though the Aspects have prevented the decline of a civilization, their eyes turn East towards the greatest threat that Anteria has ever faced. - The man that wears the red cape and wields armor made of metal makes his first step upon the shores, and takes in his first breath of the Anterian air. His eyes seeks that of greed and wealth, oppression. His hands are calloused and accustomed to the sword, as are the many fellows he brings with him. Their leader is young and seeking conquest, to bring the traditions of his people to the people of Anteria, to convert and to overcome the days of the ages when all was but tribes.

Anteria is the final resting place for the ancient spirits, a sacred realm that maintains the "Pedestal of the Aspects" - a relic that has never once been touched by mankind in over a thousand generations since the existance of the Al'a'kir, that presides within the "Heart of the Mountain" in the great city of McKinokie. It is here where five tombs were located, each telling a sotry of spirits and their role in maintaining the balance of the land and what their influences hold to those that follow them. The natives respected the power of the Aspects nad left the Temple in the very fashion by which they found it. However, the prying eyes of the newly arriving Romans and his instinct to expand his knowledge has begun a chain of events that would otherwise throw off the balance in the land. It was these events alone that have brought the existance of the Savage Lineage amongst us, and with the whisper of the wind of their not too distant arrival, they ahve awakened to prepare to defend the relics that lay in rest within the Temple itself.

With the return of the Aspects it is also the beginning of the Savage Lineage, when old blood begins to run through the veins of long-passed mortal bodies; when flesh begins to grow over old bones, and when an ancient heart long passed once more begins to beat within their bodies; their power becomes truer than any form. Though weakened from their long rest, the only power they possess is the power to pass on their blood to those who would follow their path and become Guardians of the Pedestal.

The natives speak of reckoning on the wilds of the land. Risen as a Guardian of the Aspects, you must not only survive the unpredictable temper of nature but you must also fulfill your Aspect's bidding. Return to the world of the living, born of your Aspect's womb, strengthen your aptitude, thrive and endure. Anteria is in turmoil, as are all those that live within it.

Your life begins here, on Anteria, rise as the guardian you were meant to become, live in a nation falling into pieces that fights a war amongst its own people. Survive through the carnage of the wild, grow stronger with each and every day of your existence. The time has come to rise, choose your Aspect, and fulfill their heartfelt cries for help as the land draws closer and closer to ruin.

As a child and guardian to your Aspect, will you answer the call? Will you adapt to the darkening clouds of despair? Will you shatter the last and final link that binds you to man's will? To execute the justice of club and fang? Or will you fall and become one of the forgotten souls that the world will know nothing about? The ships are coming... the whispers are growing harsher, bear you the mighty heart of the wolverine, the fang of the serpent, the eye of the falcon, the strength of the mighty rhinoceros, the speed of the cheetah, or the pride of a native. Be you large or small; you are a guardian of the Aspects, earn the Mark of the Wild and protect the land of your heritage, the Path of Your Fathers opens to you, what choices you make could very well turn the very tide of fate. The Age of the Savage Lineage has begun, who will you be? -Where will you be? - When final reckoning is determined? Who will you depend on to guide you to the right path? Who's techniques will you take up? And what choices will you make that will determine your overall dexterity? These are the choices you will have to make... as a Guardian chosen by the Aspects, on the great land of Anteria.