Physical and Mental Attributes

Contributing Points Appropriately
The Table below will show you how damage is inflicted by level, as well as the base rats by what level your character is:
Attacklevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Bites75 HP150 HP225 HP300 HP375 HP
Bleeding3 HP (Per Post)6 HP (Per Post)9 HP (Per Post)12 Life Energy (Per Post)15 HP (per Post)
Lacerations45 HP90 HP135 HP180 HP225 HP
Throat Injuries90 HP
+15 Bleed Damage Per post
180 HP
+30 Bleed Damage per post
270 HP
+60 Bleed Damage Per post
360 HP Energy
+90 Bleed Damage Per Post
450 HP
+110 Bleed Damage Per Post
Broken Bones/Severed Limbs60 HP
+3 Bleed Damage Per post
120 HP
+6 Bleed Damage Per Post
180 HP
+9 Bleed Damage Per Post
240 HP
+12 Bleed Damage Per Post
300 HP
+15 Bleed Damage Per Post
Arterial Bleeding30 Bleed Damage Per Post60 Bleed Damage Per Post90 Bleed Damage Per Post120 Bleed Damage Per Post150 Bleed Damage Per Post
Inflicted Damage Base Rates
Listed below are the Default Base Rates of all damage inflicted on Mark of the Wild. Your Stats and chosen Aspect will alter these stats in a fight and improve them with each level your character gains by following the story.

Injuries - Base Abilities
Biting - Your opponent inflicts a 75HP drop, multiplies by level,

Bleeding - Some types of animals have the use of claws and can inflict Bleed damage to their opponents. As such, they will inflict most of their damage by stacking bleeds on their targets. At default this is 3HP per post but placing points in the Focus stat will increase the damage by 1 HP per every 1 point(s). Bleed Damage lasts for 3 posts until your blood Coagulates.

Lacerations - 45 HP upon infliction (damage is increased by points in "Strength," procures with a Bleeding injury, which will result in a recurring 3Hp "Bleed" for 3 posts. Stackable.

Disorientation Effects - Castable by selected Aspects, these abilities will stun targets depending on severity, during these types of abilities you will be unable to attack or dodge while affect is active.

Throat Injuries count as critical hits, with an inflicted rated of 90 HP. It has a bleed rate of 15HP per post + points dedicated to the Focus Aptitude of Strength

Broken Bones/Severed Limbs - 60 HP decreased with a bleed out of 3 HP + points dedicated to the Focus Aptitude of Strength. (Bleed is inflicted ONLY on severing of a limb // broken bones are void of bleed damage) This is a recurring bleed throughout the Entire Thread

Arterial Bleeding - Arterial bleeding is a critical version of regular bleeding, inflicting 30 HP per post for 3 posts, unless otherwise specified by Aspect Core Abilities.
It is absolutely essential that you gain a firm understanding of the equations and how they effect your character throughout the progress of a fight. Below, we'll be discussing just that, the equations that will allow you to edit your character's PVP table accordingly. Our system uses basic adding and subtracting, and in some cases, a bit of multiplying, though this is only relevant for a handful of abilities that you will unlock as your character progresses.

The Break Down...

All math is done at the 5th grade level, and though this may be a unique experience for you, we encourage you to give a try before you turn the other direction. Remember, if you need help with anything, don't be shy and afraid to ask for it. Our members love to help others and we have no problem helping those who need a more visual reference than just reading how to do it. Let's get started.

Maximum Potential Damage - is determined by adding the Base Rate and points that you added in related stats together. We'll use Strength because that will be the most common factor in determining the damage that will be cast in most Physical abilities that you will use. The result of adding these two abilities is called Maximum Potential Damage, see the equation below to determine how we determine this.

Base Rate of Attack + Strength = Maximum Potential Damage

Example: Attack : Bite ; Base Rate = 75 HP; Strength: 6;
BITE: 75 HP + Strength : 6 = Maximum Potential Damage of: 81 HP

Adjusted Rate is the damage modified and decreased by the number of points that your opponent has in Defense. Note that for each point your opponent has contributed in Defense, it will absorb 1 point of your Maximum Potential Damage. Below, you will find the equation and how we determine this.

Maximum Potential Damage - Defense = Adjusted Rate

Example: Attack : Bite ; Base Rate = 75 HP; Strength: 6; Opponents Defense: 3
Maximum Potential Damage of Bite: 81 - Opponents Defense 3 = Adjusted Rate of: 78

Bleed Rate is determined by adding the Base Rate of "Bleed" (3 HP Per Post) and points contributed to Focus together to produce the value of bleed damage inflicted per post per three turns. Bare in mind that bleeds can be stacked. If, in the scenario, you have a stacked bleed, you will add the Base Rate of Bleed with Focus, and then multiply that by the number of stacks that you have accrued throughout the thread. (Remember that a bleed will remain on your for 3 turns before it is lifted off of your character).

Bleed Base Rate + Focus = Damage Per Bleed x # of Stacks = Bleed Rate

Example: Bleeding : 3 HP ; Focus : 4 ; Number of Stacks : 2
Bleeding: 3 + Focus : 4 = 7 HP per Bleed x 2 Stacks = 14 HP Lost this Post

How do we Determine your Remaining Health? - It's easy, we add up all the damage done to your character, that's Adjusted Rates and Bleed Rates and subtract that from your max health. For example, if your character has a max health of 380, and you've sustained 140 points in damage, we'll just take the 140 and subtract that from 380 to get the remaining number of health points that you have left.

How is Percentage of Health Determined? - We first have to determine how much health you lost. This is done by adding Adjusted Rate and the Total Damage on all Bleeds, plus all other injuries to come up with a solid number. Once we have that number, we'll subtract the total damage done from your remaining health. The number we come up is then divided by your max health, this will give us some crazy long number usually with a decimal. When we determine what percent the amount of damage is done, we'll then subtract that percentage from 100 - this will give us the amount of HP remaining. Glance at the example to get a better understanding.

Example : Damage Sustained: 140 HP; Character's Max Health : 380 HP

140 ÷ 380 = 0.368421...... (Round it off...) = 37%
100 - 37 = Health Remaining: 63%

Still confused? - don't worry, if you have any trouble with determining your remaining health or the math involved in determining your health, ask a staff member or any other members! Don't be shy! We all have to learn somehow!