Physical and Mental Attributes

Contributing Points Appropriately
While creating a character, you will have the opportunity to contribute points in specific fields. In Mark of the Wild we have alloted you with 20 points in Mental Attributes, and 20 Points in Physical Attributes. A character will gain a benefit and modification by spending the right number of points in these fields. Below is a list of the points that one will need to spend in order to gain a point.

Mental Attributes

Adaptation - Adaptation allows you to determine your eligibility to roam throughout the world. Contributing points to this stat will allow your character to roam outside their normal environment, wondering outside of your normal environment without the proper points attributed will reduce your characters stats depending on how extreme the climate area is.

Minimum To Gain Benefit : 5 : Cap-Out: 10

Intelligence - Spending points in Intelligence will award your character with "Speech craft" - awarding you with discounts on store-bought items other than territory purchases. Every point dedicated in this attribute will be multiplied by 5 (Example : X * 5 = Y % ) For example, if I put 2 points in Intelligence, the administrator reviewing my character will use this forumla (Example : 2 * 5 = 10%) I am thus awarded with a 10% discount on all store bought Items other than Territorial Purchases.

Minimum to Gain Benefit 1 :: Cap-Out 10

Survival Instincts - The highter your survival Instincts, the better prepared your character is to survive longer periods without food.

Minimum to Gain Benefit 5 : Cap-Out 10

Leader of the Pack - Increasing points spent in this stat will increase the discount on territorial purchases in our store and award you with additional regions within your territory.

Minimum To Gain Benefit 6

Affliction Immunity Increasing points spent in Affliction Immunity will increase your immunity to long-term dibilitating ailments and illnesses such as diseases. All points in this stat will be multiplied by a multiplier of 10 (Example X * 10 = Y%) So if I contributed 2 points to Affliction Immunity, the administrator looking over my profile would use this formuma: (Example 2 * 10 = 20%)

Minimum to Gain Benefit 1 : Cap Out 10

Physical Attributes/Stats

Strength - Contributing points into strength will increase the damage your character does by adding the number of points to the Base Rate at which your attack is assigned to. In most cases, the formula will be the following, (Example [ BASE RATE ] + [ STRENGTH ] = MAXIMUM POTENTIAL DAMAGE ) 1 Point in Strength will factor out into +1 Point in Damage added to the Base Rate.

Minimum To Gain Benefit - 1 : Cap-Out : 12

Defense - Determins the adjusted damage that you will be inflicted for, the more points in Defense that you have, the less damage that you'll receive when it comes time to take a hit.

Minimum to Gain Benefit - 1 : Cap-Out 12

Speed - Increasing the amount of point sspent in speed will increase the number of attack and dodge chances your character will receive per a 3 Post Period. Just bare in mind that the higher your chances, the longer your coold down, though you will have immediate access to more attack and dodge chances against other opponents.

Minimum to Gain Benefit - 5 : Cap-Out - 10

Stamina - Stamina increases the amount of health you receive by 10 per each point contributed. 1 Point = +10 HP.

Minimum to Gain Benefit: 1 : Cap-Out 12

Focus - Focus will determin the amount of bleed damage that your characters will do. This is ideal for characters who rely more on damage over time than strength, giving you more chances for dodges and subsequent attacks. 1 Point = +1 Damage.

Minimum to Gain Benefit - 1 : Cap-Out - 12

Avoid Over-Caping - Remember that certain Aspects award points in specific traits to benefit their followers. Place your points accordingly so that you don't Over-Cap The maximum points that any character may have per stat is indicated above in Lime font - any points over the specified amount will be WASTED - as in they will be disregarded and will not count when it come times to roll stats for your character.

When we Roll - It's Final - We're sorry, but once my administrators roll the stats on your character, build it's table and close it, the stats will be final. You will Not be able to edit them if you don't like them, at least, not for free -that is. The cost for us to unlock the profile will be 8,500 Rage Points This will pay for us to move your character back to "Character Creation" and unlock it for you, as well for us to restat your character and modify the Character Progression Table if you have purchased one to be made for the selected character.

Spending Evenly will Not Always Help : Remember that you have 20 points to divide accordingly towards 5 Stats. Spending 4 in each stat will not actually help you, as some stats require a minimum contribution of 5 points to give you a benefit. Study your Aspect's abilities and determine which stats would give you the most benefit:

Aspect of the Bear - Emphasis on Defense and Strength - Spending your points here will give you the most benefit.
Aspect of the Panther - Emphasis on Focus and Strength - by focusing on these two stats, you will inflict more damage and bleed damage than most characters, may I recommend spending 6 points in both these stats and dividing evenly between Stamina and Speed
Aspect of the Hawk - Emphasis on Strength, Speed, and Defense - spending your points in these three stats will give you the most benefit with your character, and improve his/her attributes significantly.
Aspect of the Lion - Emphasis on Strength, Focus, Defense, and Stamina - Spending your points in these stats will give you the most benefit and increase the affect of your character substantially.
Aspect of the Pack - Emphasis on Defense, and Stamina - spending your points on these stats will give you the best advantages with your character.