Mark of the Wild Guidebook & Manual

23 Mar 2015 - Pack Webpage, Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!

23 Mar 2015 - Cannon Pack Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!

23 Mar 2015 - Pack Hub filled out and published

20 Mar 2015 - Pack Hub skinned and created

Welcome to the Pack Hub, Mark of the Wild's one-stop shop to browse packs, events, and ongoing pack plots that you may be interested in joining with one of your own characters. The Pack Hub is your pack assistant to give you all the information there is to understand just what's going on in those little groups that we like to call packs.

The Pack Hub was created to make things easier, a bit more competitive, and perhaps a bit more fun. Here, packs will be able to coordinate with one another, communicate with one another, and see where their pack stands among the rest. With this in mind, let's show you around.

On the top left corner, you'll find the Recent Updates tab. This will inform all users of the updates that were made to the Pack Hub, with the most recent update being at the top, and the oldest updates being towards the bottom. On the upper right tab, you'll find the quick-jump that will jump you down to the paragraph of interest and get you right where you want to go.

Additional information that you will find on this page may include information on how to join a pack, how to start one, how to list your events on the Pack Hub, and -most of all, -how to make your character an Alpha. This page will primarily display Canon Packs and Member-Created Packs, but various other groups - as they develop - will be added to the site.

In Mark of the Wild, we don't necessarily care what your character is. If he's an animal or if he's a man; - if it's a character it can start a pack (so long as per-requisites are met.) So if you're a beast character, don't you worry about what's realistic (especially due to the fact that the site is far from realistic anyhow). No matter what species you are, you are eligible to make a pack!

Packs on MW compete against one another in a large and diverse playing field. There may be times when they find reason to challenge you, and there may be times when they feel the need to invade and conquer your land to make it an expansion of their own (Mark's unique way of expressing love). With their own dynamics, their own plots and their own competitions, you'll get to experience what MW has to offer at it's full potential.

Under leadership by Quetico, the Borean Tundra Wolf Pack takes the lead as our featured pack. With a plot based on blood hatred and betrayal, starvation and adaptation, the pack will become aware of two different kinds of leaders. The one who brought them together and turned them into a family, and another who will transform them into whatever it is he needs them to become in order to survive.

Suffering from a past of abuse and carnage, Garbai - his brother - and he were born into a life, where if one didn't fight his way to the top, then he he was never going to survive for long. Knowing their place in the world, Quetico and his brother fought their way to the top positions of the pack until there was nothing remaining between them except each other. Having previously fought side by side, Garbai betrayed Quetico and left him for dead, assuming leadership of their father's pack and taking the band of killers with him to follow in his footsteps. It was only then, in a mere state of death, that Quetico learned just how precious such a thing as life truly was. It was here that he encounter Vishadeas, he who restored him as an Alpha, and perhaps, a Spirit of Vengeance to strike back at those who had wronged him, even if it was his own brother.

Quetico founded the Borean Tundra Wolf Pack and gathered other members not by force as his brother had been taught growing up, but by showing them kindness. He knew that he was getting older, but that didn't undermine his leadership. He didn't want to be the leader that had secured his position due to subordinates fearing him for his power, but he wanted to lead because his pack wanted him to lead.

Making their home in the northern plains of Anteria, the pack thrives and roams free without a land to call their own, coming and going as they please, following the herds as they migrates east and west with the change of the seasons. However, with native influence stretching to areas that were previously unreachable, it has caused their primary hunting routs to run dry, the Transformed are finding refuge within their numbers, more spears are finding their way in their direction, cutting them off from their normal runs and their hunts. Having lost most of their members due to starvation and human interaction, Quetico and Aislin must reforge their numbers and locate a new home to claim for their own.

At the moment, with the Pack Hub being a new addition to the site, there is nothing to add here, but as we get more packs and more members to join the community, I imagine this area to fill up pretty quick. Please stand by!