Creating a character

You're going to need the form
Thank you for using the "Character Creation Guide" This will help you in the creation of your character as you continued to build move through the site. (Just kidding, this page was actually made to help keep the guidebook a bit smaller... (lol, I mean, who doesn't know how to make a character? I'm sure by now you've gone through this process like... a hundred and fifty-seven thousand times. In any case, here's the Form for you:
Character Name

This should be self explanatory, but just in case I'm wrong, this is where your character's name goes. Type it in here so we have a name to call your character. Age - Your character's age goes here, in years.

Gender - Is your character a boy or a girl?

DOB Date of Birth when was your character born. Refer to our calender:


Species - What species is your character? - Anteria is home to over 100+ Species of animals, Human Native Tribes known as the Jou'qua (Jow-kay), Ni'Kenya, and even Roman out landers that have settled upon the continent!

Physical Description - Your physical description goes here. We ask that it be about a paragraph, how tall is your character? How long? What physical characteristics makes your character unique? Any scars that you have earned through your tribulations, etc.

Played By - Here you'll be placing your OOC Account Name - this will also be added to your mini-profile (it's included with every post you make on the forum) so that way we always know who plays who.

My Traits
This is where we start to build up your character for the game dynamics. You will be given 20 points between the two different types of traits. Mental and Physical. Both areas have key roles in which they conform to in the game dynamics. Distribute these points to the stats that you wish, and let the admins take care of the rest! -Easy! Choosing Your Aspect Aspects are a very important part of the site, and depending on which one you use can vary your play style when it comes down to the fights that you will engage in throughout your participation in plots. Aspects offer perks along side your normal abilities (eg, biting, scratching, tackling... etc). Upon the creating of your character, you will need to choose an Aspect that best fits your character's need and role, as well as participate on a journey throughout that Aspect's story to get stronger and gain more abilities and deal more damage to your foes when the need's arise for it. In total, there are 7 Aspects to choose from, though some have requirements to be met before you can elect to use them. If you are a new member creating a "beast" (animal) character, you will have the choice of selecting:
Thorsoc Aspect of the Bear - Provides the Guardian Totem
Leviathen - Aspect of the Panther - Provides the Totem of Feral Tenacity
Eaysachi - Aspect of the Hawk - Provides the Totem of Discipline and Predatory Rush
Namaclease - Aspect of the Lion - Provides the Totem of Lion's Rage
Vishadeas - Aspect of the Wolf - Provides the Totem of the Pack
The Aspects
Clicking on any of the Links below will open a new window to the desired Aspect.
Depending on what kind of character you are choosing to make, the type of aspect may want to reflect those choices. For example, if I'm going to be participating mainly by myself, this puts me at risk of being hunted by others. For this reason, I would most likely take up Thorsoc and his Guardian Totem for his defensive capabilities and his massive offensive abilities. If I was to be making a wolf for a pack, then without saying, I would most definitely take up Vishadeas as my Aspect due to his pack-perks. If I were choosing to make a less passive character and focus more on restoring life rather than taking it out, I would most likely go with Eaysachi -who teaches characters the Discipline of Balance and Life, allowing them to heal others and themselves.
Roman soldier characters are locked to the Imperator Aspect, who offers abilities to his own soldiers in which they can use on the fields of battle which are bound to kick off at any moment of time between the tribes and the soldiers. And as for Raekahn? -Aspect of the Tiger - he offer's the Mark of the Wild - which is the unlocking of the secrets of the earth; He is readily available to you upon the completion of your Tier 5 assignments when you have proven yourself virtuous to your Aspect and thus, ready to acsend as a Guardian of the Aspects. To view information on each aspect and see what they can offer you, refer to the menu to the right. If you have any questions, consider asking a game master or any of the administrators in the c-box for help in making a suggestion.

Mental Attributes - Mental attributes will award characters with the ability to roam outside their normal habitat, to having to avoid hunting as much. You will have 20 Points to divide between these 5 areas.

Adaptation - Increasing the number of points spent here will allow you to survive in habbitats beyond your own. 10 Points in Adaptation will allow you roam throughout ALL of Anteria.

Intelligence - Increasing Points spent here will award you with a "Speech Craft" ability and give discounts on items in the store. 10 Points will give you a 50% discount on all items throughout the store.

Survival Instincts - Increasing points here will award your character with "hightened Endurance" - decreasing the number or required hunts for the character and allowing you to go longer without having to hunt again. 10 Points here will knock down the quota by 3 hunts per season.

Leader of the Pack - Increasing points spent here will award your character and your pack with a discount on land purchases. Spending 10 points in this area will provide you with a 50% discount, in addition, you will gain an additional 3 regions within your territory.

Affliction Immunity - Increasing points spent here will award your character with a higher chance of becoming immune to diseases and crippling effects. Spending 10 points here will provide you with a 50% chance immunity against all mortal diseases.
Aptitudes of Strength - These fields determine your character's survivability in combat against other characters. Bare in mind that no character will inflict the same amount of damage and no same character will recieve the same amount of damage. You have 20 points to divide between each of these stats.

Strength - Determines attack power - for each point spent, you will gain 1 additional point in attack power. Points spent will be added to the "Base Rate" (You read this in PVP Dynamics) creating "Total Potential Damage". Points here will be multiplied by level. (Leave that part to the staff).

Defense - Determines a character's survivability in combat. Points here will be subtracted from "Total Potential Damage" - this will create the "Adjusted Damage" - The more points here, the less damage you take!

Speed - Spending Points here will increase the number of dodges you gain. BE Warned - In order to balance out and prevent characters from dodging everything that comes their way, we have decided that every 3 points = 1 dodge. But also, the more dodges you gain, the longer your cool-down. The more dodges you gain, the more posts you have to wait until your dodges refresh.

Stamina - For each point you spend here, the character will gain 10 points at level one in health. This is multiplied by your character's level. Character's on the site start with 350 health at base default rate, at level 1.

Focus - You have better aim, therefore increasing your bleed damage by 2 points for each point placed. This is multiplied by your character's level. [ BASE RATE /LEVEL 1 = 3HP ] + [ FOCUS ] = BLEED x [ LEVEL ]

Personality Traits
Personality traits will determine your character's personality.
Likes - What does your character like? What moves him/her?
Dislikes - What does your character not like? What turns him/her off?
Strengths - What encourages your character? What makes them think that they're invincible?
Weaknesses - what is your character's greatest weakness? -What makes them back away?
Fears - What is your character's greatest fear? Phobia? Anxiety?

Personality - We all have one, so do the character that live on the site. What's your character's personality, what sets them apart from everyone else? How have events taken place influenced their decisions, their choices? What was the mental scar that developed based on those decisions? What do they do when they're not trying to hunt for their next meal, what were they like before the Aspects returned to Anteria? Are they hostile, or are they neutral? Do they prefer numbers, or do they prefer to endure on their own?

Notes - Anything special about your character? -Skills? Do they know of plants that could provide greater healing? Do they know of any medicinal applications? Bare in mind that all the animals on this site were at one point, all human. They still bare their knowledge as they did when they were human, and many of them still stick to the same habbits that they had when they were human.

Your character was once a human being, a Jou'que tribal member that thrived in the Province of Leralin. Raekahn, Aspect of the Tiger became fearful of the abilities that the Aspects had given you, and transformed not only your entire tribe, but about 80% of the entire human civilization on Anteria into beasts to prevent you from using that power to do harm against the land and the balance of thing that would resort in the destruction of the Pedestal of Ejayah. You still retain your human memories, you still retain your habbits, all that's changed is the form you now walk in. And when your enemies closed in on your city, they saw you as nothing but an animal and shoo'd you away. Though displeased with bearing the form of a common animal, at the same time, you are greatful. By transforming you and your people into animals, Raekahn just may have saved your life, and that of your people... but what are you going to do with this new form that you now bare? The change is permanent, there's no going back... make the most of it? Or take the coward's way out? Abandon the link to Ejayah and go into your enemies care and become domesticated? Or wreak carnage on the land with the power that the Aspects have given you? Your choice, your character.